Foodie Scan App

Foodie Scan App is an application for both travelers and foodies. It helps to identify unknown ingredients and shows how these ingredients can be used in cooking.

I got the idea for this app when I remembered how much I loved learning about the different foods in every country I visited. It was like a real passion of mine – I was always fascinated by the unique ingredients and cooking methods. But sometimes, it was tricky to read the names and ingredients, especially when the writing was totally unfamiliar. That’s when I thought, ‘I could really use an app like this!’

My task and scope of work
As part of my task to create a UX/UI concept for a mobile app startup, I was responsible for everything from conducting research to building an interactive prototype.

Product features were determined based on data received from such methods as Use Cases and Personas, as well as user needs and pain points defining.

After that, the Information Architecture and User Flow were created.

While I was coming up with the app idea, I made a bunch of wireframe sketches – some were pretty low-fi drafts, while the last one was more detailed. I used the most detailed one as the first prototype for the app.

I also was responsible for developing the entire visual style of the interface. This included choosing the typography and color scheme, as well as creating all the necessary components and hi-fi mockups.

As a result of my work, I successfully developed an interactive prototype using Figma to showcase the design and functionality of the app.