Maeve is a comfortable place for getting perfect hair, face, and nails done. A team of professionals, proven and effective hair and face care products, friendly service, and a convenient location.

My task

The challenge for this project was to create a brand identity and website design for Maeve that would communicate its values of quality, professionalism, and convenience. The client was looking for a modern, feminine, sophisticated, mature, and luxurious design that would appeal to its target audience.

Design Process

After gathering insights from my research, I began the design process by creating a mood board to establish the brand’s visual style. The mood board included elegant and luxurious imagery, feminine color schemes, and modern typography.

Next, I worked on creating the logo design. I began by exploring different typefaces and styles, but none of them quite captured the brand’s personality. Eventually, I decided to hand-letter the logo, carefully crafting each letter to achieve the perfect combination.

Once the logo was finalized, I moved on to designing the website. The website design needed to be user-friendly, sophisticated, and visually appealing. I used a color palette of golden, black, and light pink, combined with clean and modern typography, to create a website design that conveyed luxury and elegance.

To ensure that the website was accessible to all users, I made sure to develop mobile responsive designs as well.