Tiny Home


The company specializes in the construction of modular and mobile homes, as well as small business buildings, such as offices and light mobile structures.

Task & Goal

My task was to create a landing page for a startup company that planned to sell its houses in Ukraine and European countries. The landing page needed to capture the visitor’s attention, showcase the benefits of living in a modular home, and inspire them to take action./p>

The goal was to inspire visitors to buy or rent a comfortable tiny home with an amazing view. We aimed to highlight the benefits of living in a modular home, such as its portability, flexibility, and sustainability.

Website Mood

The mood we aimed to convey was that of outdoor space, freedom, lightness, and mobility. We wanted the visitor to feel a sense of adventure, exploration, and creativity when viewing the landing page.


1) Adventurous people looking for a mobile home outdoors; 2) People who need housing in a suburban area; 3) People with little capital who need housing. Geography: Ukraine, Europe.

Competitor analysis

As a part of my design process, I started by conducting a thorough competitor analysis to gain insights into the current market trends and user expectations.


Next, I created a user flow to map out the journey of potential buyers or renters who would visit the landing page. This user flow helped me to visualize the steps that users would take to learn about the company’s products and make a purchase or rental decision.


Using the insights gained from the competitor analysis and user flow, I created a wireframe for the landing page. The wireframe was based on the content provided by the client

Visual Design

Once the wireframe was approved by the client, I proceeded to design the visual elements of the landing page using Figma.

The hero section of the landing page features an eye-catching animation with various slides. The animation aims to capture the attention of visitors and create a sense of excitement and wonder.

The overall design of the landing page is intentionally minimalistic, with plenty of white space and few visual elements to detract from the focus of the page: the homes and buildings themselves.

The color scheme is kept simple, using shade of grayish green to evoke feelings of nature and the outdoors. The typography is clear and easy to read.

Additionally, mobile and tablet responsive designs were developed throughout the design process to ensure the landing page looked great and was easy to navigate on smaller screens. This was an important aspect of the project as many visitors may be browsing on their mobile devices.